12 Tricks From Martha Stuart That Make Cleaning Easier

Martha Stuart became popular due to her housekeeping tricks. We found 12 life hacks that will come in handy while doing house chores on her website. Unfortunately, having a glass of wine before starting to clean isn’t one of them.

1. Get your hands free during cleaning

An apron with gigantic pockets will fit in all detergents, and your hands will stay free. You won’t have to go back and forth to get the bottle you forgot or carry a basket full of detergents around the house while cleaning with one hand only.

2. Pour out exactly as much cleaning powder as you wanted to

We’ve all been there – you lean the bottle or box and half of it is on the surface. Martha advises to leave some holes in these bottles closed or patch them with tape. This way it’s gonna be easier to control the amount you want to pour out.

3. Protect books from dust

Hard linen stripes placed at the top of the bookshelves won’t let dust to reach the covers.

4. Un-dust the cactuses

If you wipe dust off your plants’ leaves, you sure have cut your fingers on a cactus. It’s exactly between the needles that dust gathers. Take a regular art brush to remove it. The same goes for gentle succulent leaves.

5. Move heavy furniture without harming your back and floors

Martha suggests placing towels under the legs of a heavy wardrobe. That way furniture doesn’t need to be lifted and will slide smoothly on the floor leaving it intact.

6. Clean the candle holders

You can use candle glasses after the candle has burnt away. To clean them easily from wax, put the glasses in the freezer. A frozen candle is easy to get out of the holder.

7. Making a rusty pan shiny again

Those spots of dried food leftovers can be stubborn. It’s easier to remove them with a dry sponge and some salt. Just scrub the pan well! However, make sure not to do it with non-stick pans.

8. Cleaning lampshades

Adhesive lint roller are perfect for removing dust off fabric lampshades.

9. Pay attention to your detergent pH

pH level below 7 has been created for battling non-organic dirt which usually appears in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. And pH level from 7 to 14 is aimed at organic waste in other rooms.

10. Sharpening scissors

The easiest way is to cut a piece of foil. But if you have a double-sided sandpaper, the effect will be even better.

11. Disinfecting your cat’s or dog’s bed

Even if it looks clean and has no visible spots, it’s full of bacteria. Steam ironing will quickly disinfect it.

12. Use dish gloves properly

Roll up the gloves’ ends so that water drops won’t reach your elbows when you lift arms up. That way water will stay in these “pockets”.


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