22 Stories of Pets That Were Given a New Home And Lots of Love

Twitter users were asked to tell stories of how they got their pets. Most of them were found in the street under tragic circumstances. Judging by the photos that people post to illustrate their stories, the animals are safe and sound (and happy). Which means that there’s more good than bad in the world after all.

1. The cat that unexpectedly made everyone love him

Translation: Guys, let’s share stories of how your pets found you! Attach photos too. This dog was bought for me when I was ill. He saved me from going crazy! We started walking and just spending all the time together.
Once, when I was on my way to school, I noticed a cat next to the garbage bins. I was very upset that my mum didn’t let me take him home. But when I got back home, my mum had already taken him in and decided to let him stay.

2. A pup from the box grew into a clever and handsome boy

Translation: Walking outside, we saw this small pup lying in the box, and it was 17 degrees below zero! We took him home, warmed him up and gave him lots of love. He’s growing into a very clever and handsome boy. Love him more than my life!

3. This baby was crying until good people took him home

Translation: Grisha was sitting next to a shop crying when I came there to buy some bread. When I came back home, there were already the two of us.

4. “A cat for a gun” deal

Translation: In the summer, I was doing an internship, and our professor offered to take a kitten for a gun. And I’ve been trying to choose myself a kitten for more than a year already. Now this utterly impudent thing is 10 months old, but still scared of strangers. Love him so much! Huge as a tank (his mom was a Maine coon). I had a gun anyways.

5. Yosya, whose new owner just couldn’t leave him outside

Translation: I found a kitten at the garbage bins and couldn’t leave hi there. Now I have Yosya, and it’s been two years already that we’re living together.

6. It’s hard to believe, but once she was dirty and thin

Translation: I’ve wanted to get a cat fro three years, but something always got in the way. And then I saw her – dirty, thin aaand… it was love at first sight!

7. This is the saddest story

Translation: The story isn’t mine. A girl bought this cat from her owners who wanted to euthanize her because they “didn’t need a cripple at home”. The owners’ children tore her tail of…

8. The dog that cured from being lonely

Translation: I felt very lonely when I was ill – I didn’t communicate with anyone, didn’t go anywhere. At first, I wanted a Samoyed dog. But then my friend offered me to take a puppy from her when her dog gives birth. This is how I got my baby daughter – Labrador Jenny.

9. “Black pugs are rare just like my normality”

Translation: I’ll start with Chester (at the right). My parents wanted a sphinx. But one day this pup was brought to us. And that was it. My love for pugs just happened. 4 years since, we also got Sheila. For black pugs are rare just like my normality.

10. My dad brought this cat from the woods

Translation: My dad went to the countryside, and then into the forest to get some mushrooms. He found this one, a little thing, 1 or 2 months old. Someone had just thrown him out in the woods, and my dad decided to take him home. He’s already spent 7 years with us!

11. “It’s been 8 years that we’re a family already”

Translation: Her mom and other siblings were killed. She was the only one left and scared of people as hell, for sure. My younger sister took her and tried to find a home for her because our parents were against animals. But she didn’t find anyone. She took her home and we spent 5 hours talking our parents into leaving her with us. We’ve been a family for 8 years.

12. This rabbit moves its nose and lies under your hand when it wants to be stroke

Translation: My mom is allergic to cats and dogs, so I’ve been asking her to get a rabbit for a long time. In the summer at the countryside, she went to a farmer who had lots of rabbits. And brought her home in her hands.

13. Monsieur Jacques

Translation: I got him because I needed to. And he became everyone’s favourite Jacques

14. A clump of cute grey demon

Translation: I gave hints to my mom for a long time and after a while she showed me an ad about a 2 month old kitten whose owners wanted to give it away. For 5 years now I’ve had this clump of cute grey demon with a very expressive face and a very difficult character.

15. The best present on my own birthday

Translation: It took me 21 years to make my dream come true. My parents didn’t allow me to have a pet, I was like Junior from “Karlson”. But I decided to not give it a damn any more, saved some money and made myself a present for my birthday. I left home and came back with him. My Tatosha!

16. Moms know how to make terms

Translation: My mom told me: “Either we get a dog or you make me a grandchild”. Ta-dah!

17. Cutlet needed expensive treatment

Translation: Hey. I took Cutlet from the shelter. There was a whole room with Thai cats abandoned by their awful breeders. She needed a long and expensive treatment, but finally she was cured and gives lots of love in return every day.

18. Kayak fan

Translation: I found him on the Internet. He was left near a university canteen. Now he lives with me. Turned out to be a great fan of kayaking.

19. Hana’s breeders didn’t need her any more

Translation: My Hannah lived with people who were breeding cats. When she was 1 year old, she got pregnant, but couldn’t give birth so she had a Cesarean. Her reproductive organs were immediately cut out, and so her owners didn’t need her anymore. We took her home, it’s been 5 years already.

20. How could someone get rid of this one?

Translation: How could anyone get rid of Kuzma? She’s so nice! I took her.

21. Kefir lived in a guinea pig cage for 8 months. It’s just unbelievable

Translation: Kefir the cat. Her previous owner kept her in a cage for guinea pigs for 8 months without ever letting out. This said, this strange woman gave the cat to me without any hesitation once I asked for it.

22. Why choose?

Translation: Beatrice. Her previous owners abandoned her because their child wanted a dog. She didn’t get on well with the pup, so they decided to get rid of the cat that had lived with them for 5 years. So I took her. Love this gargoyle!


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