30 Places to Visit Before You Turn 40

We have chosen 30 places to visit for everyone until turning 40 years old. Choose the best for yourself and set on a journey!

1. Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

© sities_ / instagram

Glowing beach is a real miracle on Earth. During the day, this island is not much different from the rest of the Maldives. But as soon as it starts to get dark, the water begins to glow. Looks very similar to the starry sky. This is due to the bioluminescent phytoplankton.

2. Cappadocia, Turkey

© Darren Lee / unsplash

Visiting Cappadocia is worth not only for the beautiful view. Come here to fly in a hot air balloon. This is the most popular entertainment among tourists.

3.  New York, the USA

© Luca Bravo / unsplash

Take a walk through the busy streets, try street food, walk through the boutiques, see the statue of Liberty, have a picnic in Central Park — and it’s just the beginning of the list of reasons to visit New York.

4. Havana, Cuba

© travelwithlove2.0 / instagram

The capital of Cuba attracts tourists from all over the world. Retro cars, narrow streets of the old town, favorite places of writer Ernest Hemingway and famous Cuban cigars. Friendly locals and local cuisine will add impressions.

5. Santorini, Greece

© Orlando Brooke / unsplash

This island is called the romantic pearl. Only a lazy person hasn’t heard about picturesque houses with blue roofs. By the way, it is better to book a hotel in advance. In the summer, they are full.

6. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

© Joël de Vriend / unsplash

Romantic souls will enjoy walking along the romantic channels and miniature streets. But usually people come to Amsterdam to walk along the street of Red lanterns, to see tulip fields and windmills. In spring and summer, the streets of Amsterdam are crowded with tourists, and the roads are filled with transport.

7. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

© 7reddiamonds / instagram

Blue lagoon is not only a thermal resort, but also a picturesque place. The resort consists of several pools with bright blue water. The pools are surrounded by spongy lava. Don’t worry, the last eruptions happened here 800 years ago.

8. Bali, Indonesia

© bady qb / unsplash

It’s one of the most popular resorts. In Bali, you can enjoy not only clean beaches, but also quaint temples, tropical forests and incredible culture and lifestyle of the locals.

9. Samui, Thailand

© Stefan Kunze / unsplash

Visiting Samui is a must for meditating on the beach and seeing the most famous Buddha statue. You can also find a cuisine for every taste and budget here. Therefore, if you do not want to eat authentic Thai food, you don’t have to.

10. Baikal, Russia

© Sergey Pesterev / unsplash

The deepest lake in the world is best to visit in winter. Then you will be able to see a stunning landscape approximately as in the photo above. Just dress warmly.

11. Pamukkale, Turkey

© Arns Civray / unsplash

The complex of 17 mineral springs is included in the UNESCO world heritage list. If you want to see Pamukkale in all its glory, come at dawn or sunset.

12. Florence, Italy

© Jonathan Körner / unsplash

Walk through the picturesque streets, see the architectural monuments and paintings, and be sure to try pizza or pasta at a local restaurant. You’re in Italy for God’s sake!

13. Westminster Palace, England

© Shane Rounce / unsplash

If you are in London, make sure to take a look at one of the main symbols of England. The view at the building is better from the river, and do not forget to visit the gallery and take a picture of Big Ben.

14. Petra, Jordan

© Yang Jing / unsplash

Look at the colorful rocks and visit the treasury. Just choose the right time, it’s better to avoid visiting the city at lunchtime in the summer. It’s a desert after all.

15. The Great Wall, China

© Andrew Scarborough / unsplash

Of course, you cannot get around the whole wall, only a few sections of the wall are open for visitors. However, you will be able to climb the watchtower, so get ready for exercise.
Admire the lake, the color of which varies from brown to light scarlet. The color of the water appeared due to cyanobacteria. You can swim in it, too, just be careful! It’s salty.

16. Pink Lake Retba, Senegal

© traveling__with__us / unsplash

Just take a look at the lake where water changes its color from brown to light scarlet! Cynobacteria are the cause of such color palette. You can swim in this lake, but keep in mind that it’s salty.

17. Tianmen Mountain, China

© levvandoski / instagram

This mountain is also called the Paradise gate. All because there is a cave inside the rock at the top of the mountain, which is constantly covered by clouds. We advise you to wear comfortable shoes, because you will have to climb for a long time.

18. Angel Falls, Venezuela

© jesus.bouzada / instagram

You’ll have to try hard to get to the highest waterfall in the world. You can get to it by boat or by air, but it’s worth it.

19. Lake Louise, Canada

© Kevin Noble / unsplash

A lake, surrounded by mountains and forest on both sides. Be sure to rent a boat and enjoy the scenery, and then have a picnic.

20. Preikestolen, Norway

© Alexey Topolyanskiy / unsplash

A large cliff, which tourists love to visit. It astounds you when you stand at such a height. Only you will have to get a good physical training before you climb to the top.

21. Gardens Markessak, France

© garnoteldelphine / pixabay

There are no places closed for tourists in these gardens, you can walk everywhere. Walk to the pigeon house, observation deck and just enjoy the beauty of the plants.

22. Ponte Vecchio, Italy

© Ali Nuredini / unsplash

The main attraction of Florence is the bridge. It is crowded with jewelry shops and people walking around it all the time. You will be lucky if you find it in the moments of local holidays, it is usually stunningly decorated.

23. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

© Elena Emmy / unsplash

Clear water, white sand and fresh air. Make sure to try surfing or water skiing.

24. Marble Caves, Chile

© travelslevart / instagram

It may seem that it is unrealistic until you see it with your own eyes. Colorful rocks and intricate labyrinths of the cave will not leave anyone indifferent. By the way, the colors of the rocks vary depending on the time of year and day.

25. Chichen Itza, Mexico

© jiansopi / pixabay

The city of Maya civilization remained preserved to our times. Touch the history, see the temples, the observatory and the stadium.

26. Taj Mahal, India

© safran7 / pixabay

Mausoleum-mosque is considered one of the greatest monuments of architecture. If you want to see the mosque in all its glory, we advise you to come at dawn.

27. Machu Picchu, Peru

© Poswiecie / pixabay

Walk through the ruins of the ancient city and enjoy the view from the height. You can see the sunrise or say farewell to a sunset here. You’ll also be able to meet the llamas grazing nearby.

28. Mount Roraima, Venezuela

© robertofilippo / instagram

If you manage to conquer this mountain, you will enjoy the feeling as if you are in heaven. After all, the top of this mountain is shrouded in clouds. While you climb, you will get acquainted with the local flora and fauna.

29. Ice Canyon, Greenland

© f0t0_1 / instagram

Do not forget to charge the camera, because it would be a pity not to capture such beauty. As forms of entertainment tourists are offered fishing, climbing, sailing and dog sledding.

30.  Riomaggiore, Italy

© Raul Taciu / unsplash

Another Italian town that lifts your mood with its colorful houses. Riomaggiore is so tiny that there are no cars here. Nevertheless, there will be an opportunity to sail on a yacht.


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