56 Stupid Habits You Should Get Rid of Before You’re 30 to Live a Better Life

Becoming 30 is a milestone that pushes us to have a serious conversation with ourselves and makes us reconsider our habits. It is better to leave the good ones be and say goodbye to the bad. Get rid of the habits from this list and see how the quality of life will change.

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Health matters

  1. Not getting enough sleep. It is much easier to build your life, mood and hormones on the foundation of a healthy sleep.
  2. Relying on your metabolism and not do enough sports. We need at least three workouts a week to see the results.
  3. Putting physical well-being above mental. Even sports should bring joy, not guilt.
  4. Dieting. Constant proper nutrition will cope with the task better.
  5. Not saying that you feel bad. Talk to a friend, girlfriend or colleague. There’s no shame in that. Bad things happens to all of us.
  6. Drinking a glass of water a day. It’s almost nothing. Drink more water and see how your health, skin and figure will change.
  7. Stop smoking “only when you drink”. “Guest” smoking is also harmful.
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  9. Hanging out all night on a regular basis. It’s an unhealthy habit that ruins the concept of healthy sleep and makes you unhappy with life.
  10. Eating fast food and unbalanced meals like a plate of lamb and salmon.
  11. Going to the dentist every five years. We have one set of teeth for life, it should be taken care of!
  12. Not using sunscreen. Protect the skin even in winter, not to mention the summer, the beach and trips to the country.
  13. Relationships with people

  14. Being offended. Resentment get stuck so deeply that they are difficult to get rid of afterwards.
  15. Spending time on people who bring nothing but disappointment and deceived expectations into your life.
  16. Listening to friends and parents in shops. By the age of 30, you are quite capable of choosing clothes in which you feel like a star.
  17. Taking cozy evenings with friends for granted. After a couple of years, families, loans and mortgages can set you aside you for a long time.
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  19. Compromising heavily in the relationship with your partner. Stop putting up with what makes you unhappy or doesn’t make you happy.
  20. Cancelling appointments at the last minute. You know how hard it is to schedule a meeting when you’re 30.
  21. Trying to please everyone. It’s futile and too energy-consuming. You will not be able to please everyone, so it is better to stay with people who love you for who you are.
  22. Avoiding serious conversations. It seems that’s all we did when we were students. Yes, when you are 30 years old, starting such a conversation is more difficult, but it is still necessary to ease the burden.
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  24. Deceiving yourself. 20 minutes on the treadmill is not a sport, but a way to calm yourself. Also, potatoes are a vegetable, but not a healthy one. And Facebook’s endless scrolling is not a vacation.
  25. Not spending time with your family. Nothing complicated: call a few times a week and spend more weekends together.
  26. Not calling grandparents at home. They’re probably the only ones who still have a landline.
  27. Compare your life with Instagram friends’ ones. The life that we show on Instagram is a picture that we want to look for others.
  28. Compare your life with others. Probably the most useless and demotivating activity that can drive you into depression.
  29. Holding a grudge. A bad habit that affects the past, present and future at the same time. Are you unhappy? Say about it!
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  31. Meeting with everyone. Don’t go on dates with someone you’re sure you won’t fall in love with. If your meetings are caused by loneliness and despair, slow down. Everything will happen naturally with the person you need.
  32. Worrying about what people will think. A useless habit that needs to be broken as soon as possible.
  33. Living in the past, pondering about hurtful words and bad choices. You need to go further.
  34. Apologizing too often. 98% of cases don’t require an apology, so just leave it at that.
  35. Being dependent on parents. Start living your life, even if your parents have thought it through and are now waiting for you to play their script.
  36. Being deaf to a loved one. Teenage rebellion and maximalism are behind. Tune in to move from an all-complicated relationship to a soul-to-soul one.
  37. Having unprotected sex is always dangerous. No matter how old you are: 15, or 20, or 30.
  38. Treating life in general

  39. Living for the sake of the weekend. Killing this habit is easy: plan the evenings of weekdays. It is advisable that your plans do not include a computer.
  40. Buying houseplants just because you want to. Buy them only if you are sure that you can take care of them.
  41. Changing the sheets every two weeks. They need to be changed more often! Twice a week, for example. Clean bed linen gives a pleasant illusion that there is nothing irreparable in life.
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  43. Buying cheap wine. As if it will forever turn you away from alcohol and save you money.
  44. Doing something just because “you have to.” Life is too short to spend it on meetings and things that are unpleasant to you.
  45. Setting yourself unattainable goals. 30 years is a good age to accept your limits.
  46. Not learning to cook your own meals. Instant noodles and dumplings are fast and tasty, but with a 30-year-old stomach it is hard to eat such food.
  47. Using household chemicals. You can clean the house without chemicals, use “folk remedies” instead.
  48. Going to clubs to look younger. Who are we kidding?
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  50. Not using the iron. Stylish crumpled shirt can be your favorite, but it will tell others that you just still have not established relations with the iron.
  51. Turning into a couch potato on weekends — just lie on the couch and do nothing. Leaving home is as important as eating and drinking.
  52. Waiting until the house has formed something like a dump before you start to clean up. Living in a dirty apartment is unpleasant. It’s a place you don’t want to go back to.
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  54. Being a know-it-all. The longer we live, the more we realize that the rules of life change every second. Try to be open to new knowledge.
  55. Trying to remember dates and tasks. Mankind has long invented diaries and calendars. Make room in your head.
  56. Not carrying the lunch container to the office. Cook your own food, it’s a good reason to start eating right. Moreover, lunches in cafes, restaurants and canteens can make you broke.
  57. Playing computer games. This is the time of your life you could spend on yourself.
  58. Underestimating yourself. By the age of 30, you can be proud of yourself and not be ashamed of your narcissism.
  59. Relationship with money

  60. Buying cheap things that can look good on you just a couple of times.
  61. Not saving 20% of income just in case and remaining penniless by the end of the month.
  62. Not using bonus cards in stores.
  63. Ignoring sales and promotions in stores.
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  65. Compensating failures with expensive purchases. Failure must be lived through, even though it is hard.
  66. Not sending back purchases from online stores that are broken or because you didn’t like them. You spent money on them that you earned honestly, didn’t you?
  67. Buying something not for yourself, but to make everyone around very surprised. These purchases include expensive, but unfit for life at home and expensive gadgets with common functions.


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