7 Hairstyles That Will Spoil Your Image If You Do Them Wrong

Hairstyle can express your personality and adjust the shape of the face. However, the slightest mistake can spoil the whole image. Anyhow has collected seven hairstyles that are the easiest to mess up. Don’t do it.

1. Ponytail

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Low or high, parted or combed ponytail — you know which one suits you best. You can make a mistake only in the choice of elastic band. If you work in a company with a strict dress code, then a children’s elastic band, a slinky or a large velvet “flower” will not fit the suit. Pick up a simple black band and hide it under a lock of hair.

2. Braids

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Two braids should be considered the most unsuitable hairstyle for big girls. They are more like a restless Pippi Longstocking thing that a romantic person who was getting ready for a date. The easiest alternative would be one braid that is a little careless and placed on one side. Of course, more complex hairstyles with braids look great, if they are not too far-fetched. Look at the careless “baskets” and “wreaths” made of braids.

3. Any too “perfect” hairstyle

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Sleek, perfectly smoothed hair often looks old-fashioned. This does not mean that your hair should be shaggy, but believe us, more air and volume will do justice to any kind of hair. The only exception might be one with a high and sleek ponytail.

4. Curls

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They’re only fashionable if you were born with them. Then special hair products will give them extra charm. Straight hair twirled in bouncy curls is worth combing. Especially if you have a thick straight fringe. A soft wave and beach curls look much more appropriate on hair straight by nature.

5. Bun

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A bun created with the help of a sponge bagel looks unnatural. Making it isn’t exactly so easy either. A sloppy bun made with invisible rubber bands is better.

6. Short haircut

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First, it creates an imbalance. These “brushes” will grow faster than short hair on the back of your head. And your hair will turn into something incomprehensible. Secondly, they “cut” the neck in an ugly way, which we ideally try to male look longer. Thirdly, they bring to mind a haircut for boys that was once fashionable.

7. Curly updo

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This hairstyle is not suitable for girls with a strict dress code, but is quite OK for everyday use. If you do not neglect all the points from this list, even this hairstyle will be stylish.


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