Bro and Cookie Pops. Nicknames You Shouldn’t Call Your Loved Ones By

Scientists have proved that cute nicknames make relationships stronger. Lots of lovers do invent them indeed. Those who can’t come up with bright ideas themselves can use detailed instructions with examples. And since there’s an instruction on “how to”, we’ll give you some advice on “how not to“.

1. At the very start of the relationship even the cutest nickname will sound awkward


Not everyone would like being called “Cutie pie” or “Honey Bunny” on the third date. It would seem quite artificial as well”: emotional bond isn’t that strong in the beginning of the relationship as a cute nickname means to intend. Calling a person just by their name is nice and pleasant to human ear.

2. Calling your partner by the name they don’t like


Yes, you were the one who came up with the nickname, but your partner should actually like it. They should associate the name with themselves just like their real name. Moreover, your loved one may not be fond of cute nicknames at all! Then put up with this and use their name instead.

3. Implying an offense in the nickname


We’d say it’s some kind of psychological torture. If you don’t want to insult your partner, then think twice: is the nickname you’ve invented generally considered to be offensive? Your good intentions to call someone in a cute way may just go in vain.

4. Using the nickname the person’s friends call them with


Usually, these are friendly-rude or funny nicknames from childhood. And if a person is ready to fool around with friends and laugh, it’s not always the same next to their beloved. For example, the following nicknames that derive from the name do not sound tender at all and are more suitable for friends.

  • Andrew – Drew;
  • Christopher – Topher;
  • Владислав — Славян;
  • Elijah – Lige
  • Irvin – Erv

5. Call your partner affectionate names in public

No matter how overwhelmed you feel, “Baby” nickname will sound ridiculous in the company of parents or at an official evening, for example. And if it is an intimate or very inventive nickname, then even more so. The people around you are also rarely interested in your personal life.

Bonus. Original nicknames strengthen relations

A nice nickname that hides a whole story behind it will be a reminder of incredible closeness. Only then, this nickname will really have a meaning, and scientists prove it. Articles with explanations of typical nicknames in a romantic relationship have little to do with harsh reality, however.


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