Neuronet Was Taught to Create New Recipes. Here’s What AI Says We Should Try

There’ almost nothing now that a neural network can’t make: creating non-existent people or cats, for one. Recently it’s been taught to create recipes that are hardly edible, but hilarious for sure. Spelling and punctuation are preserved, because it is some kind of unknown language at work here.

1. Carrotnarek ”Oskoska”

“Carbonated eggplant, cottage cheese 1-22-22, 6-12 pieces juicy, buds of the same size. Bouquet of chopped carrots, 3 pieces of potatoes cut by a cloth. Mix half of the pancakes and close, then slice the seeds of a cucumber. Blanch pilaf in salted water and serve.”

2. Pilaf woodvillage.

“Onion boil in clean radish and then cut enough sausages (in the form of claws). Then take 1.5 kg of the best spoons, on top of the cake a little bit rubbed on a grater and finally decorate with one and a half berries. The extraordinary taste of it”.

3. Fried Apple slice


“Wash 2 glasses of water. Serve as a separate dish.”

4. “Salad “Obliged” (cuisine: Creamy)

“Put a pig into small flakes. Seasoned with salt and pepper and grieving. Use fish or sausage of ”Will be better” type. Serve with a straw”.

5. Cucumbers in the tank

Second way
1. “Light spices getting ready to delicat the glass (kitchen: Ass). From live thin forcemeat make a hole. Put on the sheet, put sunflower oil lightly with vegetable oil, between apricots pierce in the form of an oblong shell dishes. Chicken fillet is cooked on a large grater”.

The principle of the algorithm is the same: the database contains a lot of recipes, from which the neural network randomly creates a new one. It does not always go smoothly, but some of them can even be used for cooking.

6. Briza difficult snack

Bitter pilaf, sausage, whitefish; half a glass of milk and a whole liqueur.

7. Vegetable spicy feast

1200 cabbage, apple prince – 2000 gr, wrinkles 70, and for how many servings: 5…

“Salt sour cream and pepper. If you want a more sour method – pour a hot cube of horseradish on moderately barbecue of dandelions. Honey press gelatin and progat:).”

8. Red currant soup

“Cook 1 pound of pork blood and 1 pound of pork fat, 1 pound of pork.”

9. “Cake ”Festive”

Bananas stuffed in breadcrumbs (Boiled people) are cooled in boiling water. Filling: red wine (1 Cup), 100 g of pepper, 2 fed eggs, 1 amacello. The resulting mass excess (Ljudevit fat) to spread on the foil, on one side of the slices of bread. Drink better).

10. “Fat “Bobakrome”.

Vodka is served with plum.


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