“Russian Facebook” Founder Refused to Eat for the Sake of Thinking Clearly

On June 6, Pavel Durov, the founder of “Russian Facebook” social network “Vkontakte” wrote in his Telegram channel that he decided to stop eating food for a month. At the time of writing this, Pavel had already been on just water for six days. He way to this wasn’t immediate.

For those who do not know who we are talking about

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Pavel Durov is a Russian entrepreneur and a dollar millionaire. He created a social network “Vkontakte” and a popular Telegram messenger. Pavel was born in St. Petersburg, but in 2014 he left Russia.

How it all began

Pavel refused eating fast food 15 years ago and he now limits himself in some other products. A year ago, he stopped using consuming gluten, fructose, eggs and dairy products. Recently, he limited his diet to fish and seafood. Pavel claims that he was ill only once for all this time.

“Unlike farm meat or agricultural products, which were introduced into the human diet not so long ago (about 15 thousand years ago), wild fish cooked on fire was in the constant diet of our ancestors… so the “sea” diet is better than veganism or raw food from an evolutionary point of view,” Pavel writes in his Telegram channel.

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To develop his willpower, he swims in icy water every winter.

“If you’ve ever swam in a lake under a thin layer of ice, you’re less likely to procrastinate in working on boring but important projects”.

Why such drastic measures

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Pavel argues that starvation is a good tool for cleansing the body. It purifies the mind and thoughts. He even gave an example of ancestors and religions.

“Our ancestors, as hunters and gatherers, spent long periods without food. Our body needs to take a break from eating every year. That is why many religions practice starvation — it is a healthy and necessary experience for the body and mind”.

The entrepreneur announced the search for new optimal solutions for the Telegram messenger as the main purpose of his experiment.

Seven things to give up, according to Pavel Durov

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For all who are engaged in creation and self-development, Pavel advises to abandon the following things:

  1. Alcohol.
  2. Animal meat.
  3. Pills and any pharmaceutical products.
  4. Nicotine and other drugs.
  5. Coffee, black and green tea, energy drinks.
  6. Fast food, sugar, fizzy drinks.
  7. Television and its analogues.


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