The Truth Behind Food Cravings: What We Think We Want and What Our Bodies Really Want

Our bodies talk to us – you only need to know how to listen to the indirect signals they send. Once in a while, we all indulge ourselves with a choc bar or a frothy cappuccino. However, if you can’t resist these cravings on a regular basis, it may be a sign of a bigger problem such as deficiency of proteins, fats or certain microelements and vitamins.

Coffee cravings = phosphorus and sulphur deficiency

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If you absolutely can’t do without coffee, you might experience phosphorus and sulphur deficiency. These elements are essential for healthy bones, nervous system, and balanced blood oxygen. Sulphur is also often called the “beauty” mineral, as it supports healthy skin, nails, and hair.

Opt for: dairy products, sunflower seeds, cranberries, cabbage, broccoli, and eggs.

Soft drinks of fatty foods cravings = calcium deficiency

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These cravings for cheap and nasty meals might be telling you that you are low on calcium. This element is not only the key to healthy bones, it is also crucial for the blood system. So if you can’t resist a soft drinks section, take a deep breath and opt for calcium-rich products.

Opt for: beans, baby potatoes, dairy products, tofu, salad greens, sesame and poppy seeds.

Charcuteries cravings = fat and cholesterol deficiency

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You wake up at night dreaming about sausages or ham? You brain is screaming that you are dangerously low on fats that underpin your its function. You might be low on cholesterol as well.

Opt for: salmon, yoghurt, kefir, olives, nuts, and avocado.

Chocolate cravings = magnesium deficiency

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Chocolate lovers should check their magnesium levels. If you experience chronic fatigue, squeeze these products into your diet.

Opt for: wheat bran, pumpkin seeds, spinach, buckwheat, lettuce, almonds, asparagus, and peanuts.

Pastry cravings = nitrogen deficiency

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If you are dying to munch on a freshly baked bread loaf or would kill for a cake, you might need stock on nitrogen. Nitrogen supports a healthy immune system and protects you from mood swings and water retention.

Opt for: nuts, meat, fish, and eggs.

Sugar cravings = glucose deficiency

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Those who have a sweet tooth might also have a low level of glucose. This carbohydrate gives you energy and, thus, its deficiency may cause fatigue, dizziness and even vertigo.

Opt for: fruits, honey, carrots, pumpkin, and grapes.

Banana cravings = potassium deficiency

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If bananas make you go bananas, your body is low on potassium. This element is very important for the muscles, including the heart. A shift in eating habits can help with cramping and arrhythmia.

Opt for: potatoes, tomatoes, sea fish, beans, dried apricots, and orange juice.

Chalk, toothpaste or dough cravings = iron deficiency

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No, you are not going mad – you are running out of iron !Iron is essential to support healthy haemoglobin levels and oxidation processes.

Opt for: meat, liver, ceps, peaches and apricots.

If you suspect elements deficiency, talk to your healthcare specialist before shifting your dietary habits.


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